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In my mid fourties and have not been able to perform like I used to. My erections were not strong and would go away quickly before ejaculating. The doctor prescribed 100mg of Fildena. I had read reviews and learned about the headaches. I took my first fildena pill with ibuprofen to avoid a headache. An hour later, things were ready to go. The only side effect was the flushing, but it was not bad. One pill ensures erections like when I was 20. It also helps me last longer. It's pretty great.
Danny Igor, USA
So I tried Fildena (Sildenafil) for the first time, I took 1 pill of 50mg and waited like 30 mins. Wifey was all smiles. I recommend a low dose of Fildena to all males out there if your you are having trouble with erections. The only side effect I experienced was a little flushed feeling which went away quickly. Make sure to drink a few cups of water and take Fildena on fairly empty stomach.
Theon Vlad, USA
I’m 49 years old and in relatively good shape. I’ve been taking Fildena Super for about a year to help with the occasional erection issues. And tt works great. Always take the pill on an empty stomach, at least a solid 3045 minutes before it’s time to get busy. It will not provide an instant hard on, as you’ll need to be sexually aroused for it to work. I always buy Fildena pills online. For me, the side effects were onset of stuffy sinuses and a pretty bad headache in about 30minutes. Left untreated, my headache would last for hours.
Rudy F, Spain
Late Fourties, though I could still get an erection, it could disappear at the drop of a hat. Maintaining it required a lot of focus. Doctor prescribed 50mg Fildena. At the local pharmacy, the cost was very high. I eventually found a US online pharmacy. For me, just one 20mg tab of fildena works great. I usually have no side effects, although I've noticed the flushing and headache once or twice it's always been very mild. The dose takes 15 or 20 minutes to really kick in. Effects last up to 12 hours for me.
Edwin Lyod, UK
I’m sixty years old and was experiencing mild ED so now I take three 50mg fildena tablets about and hour before doing the wild thing and amazing things happen like they did when I was in my 20’s. My wife has said “OH MY GOD!” more times in the last month than in the previous 5 years. Makes us feel young again."
Angus Mclaren, USA
I began having problems with ED in my early 40’s but it became worse as I aged. My Doctor prescribed me Fildena (Sidenafil) and the results have been better than I could have hoped. I took it and after about 30 minutes I could feel it coming on. The only side effects I’ve experienced is mild flushing. As for advice? If your having problems with ED go to your doctor, I waited WAY too long. And keep your partner in the loop, they’ll be in for a for a few “long nights” anyway!"
Berry W, UK
Just tried 50 mg of Fildena and it worked great. I'm in my sixties with very minor ED issue. Dr. advised that it works for up to 24 hours and it seemed to be the case! So far, so good! I should have got them sooner!"
Leonard Sal, USA
Fildena is amazing I took 80mg the first time and my wife and me could not believe how hard It was after the third time my wife said it felt to hard and asked me to start taking less of them. So it’s working great for me I’m only got 30 but might have the doctor prescribe me more. I got slight head ache but worth it"
Brice Lou, USA
Fildena is an effective medicine for potency. It really helped me and gave a great result. There were no failures after using the medication. I again feel like a real man. I became much more confident in myself. My wife also appreciated the effect and was pleased. Now I have an active sex life as in my youth.
Abram King, AU
No problems here. I've been using Fildena (Sildenafil) for a couple years and have had MUCH success. They're super inexpensive. They stay in your system longer and no side effects. The Fildena 100mg (Sildenafil) is my pill of choice."
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