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Fildena Strong is one of the effective medications to improve erectile performance. It contains 120 mg of sildenafil citrate vasodilator as an active ingredient. It works by attacking specific enzymes, to relax the blood vessels and increase sufficient blood flow to the penis, achieving and maintaining an erection. The effect of this drug needs sexual stimulation to function. Fildena Strong medicine doubles your sensual potential. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that manifests every time you have sex. This condition is a true cause of frustration and anxiety. Taking this super powerful sensational medicine 30 minutes before intercourse not only gives you a strong erection, but also improves the perception of sensations in the presence of stimulation.

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The drug Fildena Strong belongs to the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. It is intended only for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Bodybuilders often use the ability of sildenafil to increase blood flow. They take Fildena Strong to pump (blood flow to the muscles, increased resistance). However, this possibility of the drug has not been studied and studied specifically. Fildena Strong tablets do not protect against sexually transmitted infections, they do not protect against unwanted pregnancies.


Each medicine package is accompanied by an instruction. Fildena Strong must be taken in strict accordance with this. This will help prevent the occurrence of side effects. It is best to buy Fildena Strong in our online pharmacy. We only offer generic quality, proven over time. By buying them directly from manufacturers, we have the opportunity to offer you the lowest prices. The drug Fildena Strong is usually taken 30 to 50 minutes before the planned proximity. For the drug to be absorbed more quickly and metabolized better, the pill should be washed with water. Sildenafil is absolutely incompatible with alcohol. Therefore, when receiving Fildena Strong, alcohol consumption is prohibited. It is also not recommended to drink grapefruit and grape juice.


Doctors recommend not taking more than 100 mg of sildenafil. This dose is considered safe for the vast majority of men aged 18 to 65 years. Fildena Strong contains 120 mg sildenafil. Therefore, the tablet should be divided into 2-3 parts. Basically, this drug is bought by people for whom 50 mg is small and 100 mg is a lot. In half of the pill contains 60 mg of active ingredient. In clinical trials, the use of 800 mg sildenafil has been shown to have no serious consequences. The toxic effect of the drug has not been detected in case of overdose. However, reviews of the drug Fildena Strong suggest that use of the full pill may cause the appearance of more serious side effects.


Before you buy Fildena Strong, check the list of contraindications. Remember that this medicine is only for men over 18 years old. Despite its age, Viagra 120 mg is one of the most effective drugs. You can buy the medicine directly on this page. It is not recommended for people whose sexual activity can cause a heart attack. It is also forbidden to use sildenafil in the presence of the following diseases: Uncontrollable angina pectoris; Propensity to heart attacks; Cell anemia Propensity to priapism; Hereditary or acquired deformity of the penis; Multiple myeloma; Retinitis pigmentosa Sometimes, side effects occur when several drugs interact with Fildena Strong. The doctors' comments show that this will not happen if you do not combine sildenafil with the drugs from the following groups: HIV protease inhibitors; Alpha-blockers; Stimulants of the guanilate cycle; Nitrogen donors; Antibiotics and antifungals; PDE-5 inhibitors; Other medicines If you are taking or are about to take any medicine, ask your doctor about their compatibility with sildenafil.


Before you buy Fildena Strong, study the contraindications section carefully. Always remember that the drug can rarely cause side effects. Modern production methods allow the production of safer drugs. However, sometimes after taking the drug Fildena Strong, you can observe: Slight vertigo; The slight headache; Redness of the face; Nausea Nasal congestion (runny nose) It should be noted that all side effects are temporary and last only a few hours.

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